Work With a Scientist Program, NSF, No. DRL 1322600

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Frequently Asked Questions

2016 Cohort Students

     1. How many times can I miss class?

     Students cannot be absent for more than three days. Students who have more than three unexcused abscences will be     

     dropped from the course project. If the student wants to apply for an excused absence, he/she must fill an Excused Absence

     Request (available at students' syllabus [Appendix 1], project website, and from Educational RA), get it signed by their

     scientist, their teacher of record, and the program director one week before the absence date. To obtain the signature of the

     program director, students need to submit the form to their Educational RA after they have obtained the signatures from their

     scientist and teacher of record: the Educational RA will give the form to the program director for approval. If request is

     approved by the program director, a scanned copy of the approval will be emailed to the student, the scientist, and the

     teacher of record. In the event of an emergency or sudden illness, the student or his/her parent or guardian must call the

     teacher of record no later than 12:00pm each day the student is absent.

     2. Will lunch be provided in summer?

     Yes, lunch will be provided in summer time by El Paso Independent School District (EPISD).

     3. What is the grade distribution?

     Individual work weights 60 points of your total grade. This includes 15 journals submissions (45 points in total), reflection     

     on proposal presentation and reflection on final presentation (3 points each), and attendance (9 points). Group work weights

     40 points. This includes your research proposal (10 points), your proposal presentation poster (5 points), your project plan  

     (10 points), your project presentation poster (5 points), and your final research report (10 points).

     4. How should I label my assignments?

      File names should start with your name or group name and end with the assignment name. For example, take the group

      name of:

        "Lab1-Group1" and name of "Isaac Newton":





     5. How do I submit assignments through CourseSite?

     You will be invited to register through CourseSite and you will receive instructions from your teacher of record

     6. Can I make up assignments?

     Students who are absent must ask for a make-up session with the teacher of record upon the students' return to school within

     one week. A Make-up Session form (available at students' syllabus [Appendix 2], project website, and from Education RA)

     needs to be completed within one week of the absence.

     7. What if I cannot submit my assignments?

     You need to contact your teacher of record.

     8. When are proposal presentations?

     Proposal presentation will be held on June 18 (Sat) at UTEP from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. You may invite your parents.

     9. When are final research presentations?

     Final research presentations will be held on July 23 (Sat) at UTEP from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. You may invite your parents.

     10. When do we meet?

     Class meetings will be held on Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm at UTEP, from January until May. Check calendar

     During summer time, from June 13 to July 22, class meeting will be held every weekday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

     11. How do I get to UTEP?

     Students' transportation will be provide by El Paso Independent School District from schools to UTEP and back at no  cost.     

     Students should arrive on time to prevent delaying the bus scheduale. If students are going to arrive late, please call teacher     

     of record immediately. There is no guarantee that the bus will wait for students and students may have to find alternate

     transportation if students miss the bus. Please contact your teacher of record if you have any questions.

     12. What if I miss the bus?

     Call your teacher of record. You may find an alternate way of transportation by yourself to arrive to UTEP. For example, the

     bus or a parent.